A picture is worth a thousand words…

Or at least that’s what they say and since I normally write about 3,000 here are three pictures to sum up our last two weeks (and a few bonus words to boot!):

First and foremost, Ollie got to meet his first set of grandparents! Even after two days of travel on both ends and an almost entirely socked in (grey days) trip, they still were smiling and so was our little dude. It was so wonderful to see him interact with others and to see him through their eyes. What a treat!

Secondly, Ollie had his first babysitting experience and first bottle! Hello freedom! While this does afford me more freedom, I have to say, I’m not exactly craving it BUT I know it’s important for both of us so I’m excited to keep doing it (and grateful for the help, Auntie BB!).

Don’t worry, BB doesn’t stand for Big Brother Leto (though he’s sure he could manage)

Lastly, I finally admitted that I could not handle the pain of “Mother’s Thumb” and went back to wearing my super impractical with a baby Hot Topic style brace (and finally made doctors appointments ), hence the length of this post.

Thumbs up!

See you in two weeks!

With love,

From Alaska

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