Welcome Home. Love, Winter


I’m from California.

In California winter is more of a suggestion than a statement. Winter to me means jeans and boots (oh wait, I wear those year-round). Winter means it will (hopefully) rain. Winter is less of an imposing force and more of a reminder. Time to spend more time at home, clean gutters,  bring a tree inside to bedazzle it and wipe your paws at the door. California winter isn’t a tyrant. She mostly lets you go about your day.

So, the logical response?

Try a new kind of winter.

In Alaska.

Why not head there in December in the days of the least amount of light and some of the lowest temperatures?

Sound like a plan?


Oh, and to keep it interesting, head to the Alaskan wilderness. Yes to outhouses, no to electricity. The only boots you’ll be wearing here are rated to 60 below zero (because in this new reality, that is a possibility). The weather will decide your day for you so give up your planner mind and learn to roll with the punches because Alaska comes with a left hook when you least expect it. Still game?

Apparently so because this is the tale of my time in the woods. The woods in Alaska. In winter. How I ended up here and why is all to come. For now though, let’s enjoy the view. Welcome to my new home, sweet home.





  1. I’m loving your writing Julia! It feels like you are in the room with me, just talking. I’ve read a few of the recent ones, but Im starting the blog from the beginning & Im excited. It feels like I’m about to start a new adventure book I know I’m going to love. 👏

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  2. More reports, please! How cold is it? Do you have a pet? A wood stove? ….wood?? What about music? Any particular tunes. They ‘d be your Alaskan Soundtrack.


  3. Jules!!! Looks amazing up there. I’ll be up that way I’m July! I bought my ticket already. Hopefully you can find some time and we can meet up! It’s an amazing experience. I miss it like crazy up there.


      1. Things are good on my end! I can’t believe you moved up there. Moving up there changed my life. If you ever get in a bind up there let me know. I have lots of family and friends up there. We will talk before I head up and set a schedule. Enjoy the beauty. Summer makes it worth the long winter.


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