1. I suspected you were expecting!
    Best of it all to you and Chris. You will be better off for never taking it for granted. Can’t wait to meet the wee one❤️

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  2. Hi Julia! So glad I found your blog! The 1st 3 things I saw absolutely caught my attention, the aurora’s, and StonerMute (that’s 2) the 1st of your blogs that I just read. Actually 4 things, I’m obsessing over all things Alaska! I’m looking forward to reading all the rest of your posts! Take care, Rose (Great Smoky Mountains’s of NC, formerly of New Jersey)

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    1. Hi Rose! I’m so glad you found me! May I ask how you stumbled upon the blog? Thanks!

      Oooo, the Smoky Mountains are somewhere I’d love to visit! When is a good time of year?

      Best wishes,



  3. Your smile is what lights up the room lady. Your beauty is eloquent inside and out. To many more “shine lines” my friend. Love you boo.


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