The Golden State

Welcome to the Land O’ Plenty: California.




It’s the land I grew up in, the place I’d called home on and off for almost 30 years and now, it’s a place I come to visit.


It’s strange and beautiful how that happens.


We’ve been lucky enough to land at an amazing house in Sonoma County (in the next town over from where I grew up) to housesit while some friends are honeymooning.

Running hot water? Electicity on demand? Land for our pup to roam? Super score.

It’s been the ideal situation and we are over the moon to finally be settled in after weeks of traveling and living out of suitcases with our furry child in tow (constantly keeping an eye on her and chasing after her as she unknowingly runs up to cars and towards heavy traffic, country dog that she is). The constant shuffling and remembering and forgetting of things and their places has come to an end. It feels good to just slow down, especially knowing that just a short month and a half from now we will be completely shifting gears as we make the journey back up and into Winter.

That being said, I will be taking a few weeks to connect with family and friends and this first place I ever knew as home; to really sink in during the time we are here and to truly be present.

I so appreciate you reading this blog and learning along with me in this journey and I look forward to reconnecting with you in a few weeks.

Make sure to subscribe to the blog (do that in the near top right hand of the webpage) so you know when things over here at Beneath the Borealis restart (in late November or Early December, pending our departure date).

Cheers to California. To kombucha on draft, yerba mate on on tap, essential oils as perfume and “hella” as a word. Cheers to experiencing both Summer and Fall weather all over again and to walking outside to pick ingredients for every meal. And cheers to soon heading back to a snowy landscape filled with trials and tribulations and a silence I can barely recall.

And cheers to you. Thank you for coming along.

I’ll see you soon.



Two Alaskan pups out for a sunset strut.


  1. Enjoy your family and friends time. Will miss your posts but look forward to your return

    On Oct 17, 2016 10:27 AM, “Beneath the Borealis” wrote:

    > morepancakesplease posted: “Welcome to the Land O’ Plenty: California. > It’s the land I grew up in, the place I’d called home on and off for almost > 30 years and now, it’s a place I come to visit. It’s strange and > beautiful how that happens. We’ve ” >

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  2. Hi Julia, Welcome home!! I bet you must be thrilled to b back in CA. I’ve really enjoyed your blog and all that you’ve shared in your writing. I’m the acquaintance of Madison’s (she was gonna pet sit my Yorkie while I was in Alaska all summer but it didn’t work out) who contacted you a while back. I fell in love with Alaska this summer and am seriously thinking of possibly re-locating up there next summer. The sheer beauty and SCALE of the nature there and the incredible people…wow, what an unusual special place…feels like another country, really. I didn’t make it out your way when I was there so didn’t contact you (or Betsy.) I’m sure you’ll be swamped with friends and family down here, but if you ever have time for a hike/coffee/mate/bite to eat, I’d love to (meet you!) & pick your brain abt re-locating as a single woman at 50! And if not, I’ll keep reading your amazing blog, which I truly look forward to and enjoy. Also, not sure how long you guys are here until, but if you’re looking to stay thru Thanksgiving…I need a housesitter/petsitter (no sure if Cinda Lou gets along w/small elderly Yorkies) but my sweet place in Santa Rosa has a private hot tub!!! Have a wonderful visit here and if by any chance you maybe have time to meet up, pls let me know. Warmly, Rachel


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