Just one of them days…

In 5th grade, one of my favorite songs was Monica’s “Just One of Them Days”. I’d belt it out full on diva style and my best friend would lip sync and dance to it in the mirror. We thought we were so cool and the song gave us all the feels. I mean, who can’t relate. Sometimes, it’s just one of them days.

Today? One of them days. One of them days where it’s cloudy (again), and even though you’re basically main lining vitamin D, the supplements are just not doing it for you.

One of them days where the generator can’t seem to stay on and every time you go out to fix it, you return, smelling of exhaust, to an unhappy infant and have to change clothes faster than a model during fashion week.

One of them days where your to do list involved all things interwebs but the dang thing just won’t work.

One of them days where you wanted things to be “just so” in your house before company arrived and you realize it will be closer to mayhem than made up.

One of them days where the car is low on fuel and there’s none to be found and all you “need” is to take a drive.

One of them days where you decide…screw it. I’m sitting this one out.

Sometimes when you keep pushing the rock up the hill to no avail, you have to just step aside and let it roll down, to be retrieved another day. Maybe tomorrow! And once you sit down and stop pushing you realize…damn, even with all that, things are still darn good.

Cheers to the Mondays that are on steroids, the rocks that won’t budge, the days that are just those days.

Once the internet starts working again, I’m blasting some Monica. Until then? I think I’ll just plant myself in a rocking chair with a babe on my chest and do my best to just rock with this day.

With love,

From Alaska

So…how’s your Monday going?


  1. Thank you for writing this…it made me remember my 5th grade year…..You’re such an amazing writer! I would love to post a link to your blog on my blog so that my reader’s can check out your blog as well! Please let me know if you’d like me to do that!

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  2. This week’s Monday was on a Wednesday for me! “I’m sitting this one out.” and “Maybe tomorrow.” are exactly what I needed to hear. Looking forward to Friday and the weekend!

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