Phew! It’s been a ride. A wild one, a joyous one, a stressful one, a “Where the heck are any of our things?!” one. The past month has been marvel and mayhem all rolled into one. Yet finally, three moves and a serious weather shift later, we’ve arrived home to our little hamlet in Alaska. If we were a business, we would have one of those signs out that reads “Pardon our dust (as we reconstruct our lives a bit)”.

All that to say, I’m coming back. It’s been a hiatus but the mayhem end is in sight (at least for getting settled). Boxes are being put away, things are getting tidied, winter systems are up and running (so far). And I have more big changes to report…

Next time.

See you then.

With love,

From Alaska


  1. OK that was too short of a report. And what have you done w/ your baby?! Who is that Big Boy in his place?! Oliver! Growing so quickly.
    Puppy quick. And I should know about puppies. I’m watching 2 this week. One, Brody, went from sleeping with his little body wrapped in a half circle around the top of my head, to taking up half of the bed!!

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    1. Hahahahaha oh my gosh I can picture your puppy crown as I type. That’s amazing. Good luck with the babes!!

      I know! He’s so grown up! It’s wild. He’s a sweetie. Can’t wait for you to meet him.


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